Friends Only (As of 10/12/2016)

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I’m writing a lot more in-depth personal entries and just feel better having them behind a lock. I’ll still keep silly things/not-too-personal stuff public, but this journal is mostly Friends Only now. I’ll add anyone. Just comment here with how you found me and a little bit about yourself (unless your profile is detailed).  I write/read pretty much every day (sometimes multiple times a day).

Things behind the lock
-          My dad recently lost his battle with cancer. I write a lot about how I am handling (or not handling) his loss. I’m pretty emotionally raw when writing about my thoughts/feelings/etc.
-          Photos with the people in my life.
-          Work rants.
-          Detailed entries with names of people in my life.
-          World of Warcraft screenshots/ramblings.
-          Any memes/questionnaire type stuff that delves deep into my life.

Things that will remain public
-          All other photos (scenic, food, animals…etc).
-          Random entries with not a lot of personal details.
-          Movie/TV/Book reviews (which aren’t really reviews cuz I suck at writing those).
-          My writing. I like to write short stories/things to prompts/poems. 
-          Gaming screen shots / blabbering that doesn’t include personal information.

Must Live and Breathe Writing

I REALLY need to get writing again. It’s like this itch and it hasn’t been scratched in months and it’s starting to actually get irritating. So, I am trying to find communities that have daily prompts or weekly ones (or challenges). Anyone know if any good ones that are active?

In the meantime, I think I am going to try* to set aside just thirty minutes each day and just write… whatever (fiction/short stories/poetry/book blurbs, so journal entries don’t count). Whatever I come up with, I’ll post :P

*Try being the operative word. Don’t know if I’ll be able to get the brain to function enough to write as I’d like.

I shall call it … My Thirty Minutes of Writing – I know right? Catchy! I clearly have untapped talent.

Just quickly
>> I am officially obsessed with ShadowHunters. I am on the last episode of season one (and only stopped because it was 3 am and really needed sleep). The chick that plays Clary definitely gets better as the show progresses, so that’s a huge relief. The only time she irks me is when she tries to cry/act like she’s in pain lol. Otherwise, it’s been SO good (but my taste in shows tends to run along the lines of ‘sucky’ as my friend B would say LOL—STILL love it! *raspberries*).

>> It’s not even 9am and I’m already irked by people. I have a feeling it’s gonna be ‘one of those days’.

>> I think later today I’m going to post up the prologue to this book I am trying to finish (that I randomly found the other day/had stopped writing two years ago). See what peeps think.

>> SO glad it’s a three-day weekend and I have absolutely zero planned. Hoping to zone out and read as much as I can this weekend since we’re already halfway through January (close enough) and I haven’t read anything yet. Hopefully get some writing in too.

>> Winterberry Wonder from Bath & Body is the most awesome smelling lotion I have had in a long while AND I got it on a huge sale (win/win).

>> I am about ready to punch someone. This guy at work has been sick for about a week and continues to come in, hacking up his lungs all over the place. I am constantly lathering myself in Purell whenever he’s within five feet of me. My immune system BLOWS … so if I actually get sick … rage will ensue.

>> I think I’m gonna do a ‘question’ meme for February, but will need your help with the question part. Post soon!

Overwatch & What's That Blue Stuff for $300

Oh man … I played way too much Overwatch last night with my three buddies. It was so much fun though, I couldn’t stop. We laughed a lot, and we also ended up winning a lot more than I expected (competitive matches). I think that was what really kept me going, my rank was rising LOL It was 3:10ish am when we finally called it quits (and I was up at 7:50am, lol).

I love to play Lucio, but have been trying my hand at Ana. She’s fun, but Lucio is who I’m usually on ‘fire’ with lol … and we had a good long laugh when I made “player of the match” as lucio and it was the cheesiest thing ever (but still better than anyone else or they would have gotten it lmao).

Smiley faceI’ve been reading up on the crazy health benefits of blueberries so I bought some frozen blueberries and chia seeds and blended them all this morning with some yogurt and a quarter of a banana and omgosh, delicious. This might be my new breakfast for a while, lmao. I also got frozen strawberries, but really liking these blueberries.

Of course, everyone at work is mad nosy, so they're always asking me what it is and what's in it. Really? It's a fraken drink ... not that serious or important. HAHA. Actually had one coworker pick up my glass and put their nose all up close to the rim ... WHO DOES THAT? Only here... I swear. Thankfully I'd had about 90% of it, so I just washed out the glass, lmao!

2017 Book List & Goodreads

Almost forgot! I do have a few readers on my list, so if anyone is on goodreads and I am not already following/vice versa … feel free to add me and I will add you back! Here’s the link.

I am REALLY aiming for 50 books this year, but my realistic goal is 30 right now… ha! Speaking of, I guess I’ll use this post for my book list. As I complete books, I’ll update this here with a star rating for the book and a link if I actually did a review of said book. HA! I should actually start reading… I recently just bought like 20 new books too on top of what I still have on my to-read-shelf (I’m awful ugh). Soooo I need to start weeding that shelf before I read the new stuff. GAH!

P.S. I am writing this at 4:30PM and it is still light out … which is a huge deal because just a week or so ago, it would have been pitch black LOL.

1. Title of Book, Author, - Star Rating

Happy New Year

What have I been doing? I actually did a lot of reading the last couple of months. I did my goal for the year in 2 months (10 was goal, plus a couple of extra—17 books total which is sad for me—I’ve read 200 in a year before).

The week before Christmas, we went to my brother’s timeshare in the Berkshires (MA). It was very emotional since it was my dad’s favorite go-to spot for vacation, but it was also very nice to hang out with my family and enjoy moments my dad loved. So yeah. It was a mix of emotional and wonderful. We completed a 1000 piece puzzle, which we were all very proud of lol, did a lot of video game playing, reading and catching up on Arrow. There was a lot of “You have failed this vacation.” “You have failed this puzzle.” “You have failed this dinner.” “You have failed this video game” Type of shenanigans going on… ha-ha!

On New Year’s Eve, it was just my brothers, Trisha, Diane, Flo and our mutually good friend, Mike. We played The Game Of Nasty Things, which was absolutely hilarious and I admit I laughed a little too hard at many of the answers we came up with (myself included). After we rang in the New Year with Champaign, we played poker, which ended up lasting until almost 6am … lol I was the last of 3, so I’m pretty happy with that. Mike and Flo ended up splitting the pot since everyone was just so tired. It was actually very low-key and a great night with people I love the most.

I’m coming to (slow) terms that my dad would want me to live my life, not live trapped in my room, constantly in bed and constantly sleeping.

Sort of ‘resolutions’ for this year, but more along the lines of wanting to get back on the horse and learn to handle my father’s passing a lot better than I have been the last six months (I still can’t believe he passed away six months—almost 7—ago!).

1. I want to be more aware of what I eat.
2. I want to be more aware of how I treat others and how I am treated (and stand up for myself more when I’m being unfairly treated).
3. I want to write more (for sure). I’ve been working on a book, so that has also been keeping me busy the last few months, but it has a lot of work to go. But, I’d also like to just keep up with this journal too.
4. Continue: Have breakfast every morning and do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day (I currently do this, but want to keep it up… when I fell emotionally, I fell in every aspect of my life… slowly getting back to ‘living’).
5. Visit at least ONE place I’ve never been too.
6. Add: More veggies/fruits into my diet. I’m really bad at this.
7. Play less World of Warcraft (It’s sad how much I’ve been playing it lately).
8. Go out more. I’ve become the definition of a hermit (not kidding).
9. Read more than 17 books this year. Gonna go for 25 but hoping for about 50.
10. Find Love. I don’t think this one will be easy, and I don’t expect it to be, but I think it’s time I stop being a selfish person and learn to share my life with someone. I don’t think it will happen this year, but putting it out there in the universe for whenever the time is right… it happens: I am ready. I am ready to trust again. I am ready to open up. I am ready to share my very valuable ‘me’ time :P

Anywho … Here’s a recent pic of me wishing ye all a Merry Holiday + the 1000 piece puzzle we completed LOL. Hope everyone is doing well!

Some Nature Pics

So I finally got out and took some photos. I went yesterday at lunch time to a nearby park here and snapped some shots. I am not surprised the trees look meh ... because it's that time of year. Plus this area for some reason (park) wasn't very autumnal LOL ... but here are some of my favorites below. The whole album is here:

My favorite Nikon model was the D40. I knew that one inside-out. mine got all messed up so I had to 'upgrade' (I tried to find non-used D40s and couldnt). So I'm still learning this new one's settings (am nowhere near knowing it like the D40), so hopefully these pics will improve over time.





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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

SQAlso watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Stars Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza.  Zach and Adam play two party-hard brothers who think they’re always bringing the ‘party’ to the party, but almost always bring disaster.

Their baby sister is getting married and their mother/father have given them an ultimatum…. Find NICE girls to bring as dates or don’t come at all. They’re hoping the nice girls will calm them down from their shenanigans and not ruin their daughter’s wedding. What could go wrong right?

Well, the boys decide to post an ad on Craig’s List … yeah. Nothing can go wrong .. haha. Well their ad goes viral when they get thousands of replies (who doesn’t want a free weekend in Hawaii with two cute guys?). Their viral video gets them on a talk show where they stress the point that they want NICE girls to take to Hawaii.

Cue Anna and Aubrey’s characters as they devise a plan to get the guys to take them when they are far from nice girls.

If you like ‘stupid’ humor, this movie is for you. I love stupid humor so I found this movie absolutely hilarious from beginning to end. I rather enjoyed all the character’s except Aubrey’s. I don’t know if it was her ‘overacting’ or what, but she just annoyed the EFF out of me the whole movie. Everyone else was hilarious.

Everything you can imagine going wrong in a situation like this actually does … as is typical in this kind of comedy. It’s VERY cheesy, which I know a lot of folks don’t like as far as humor goes, but I love it.

I give it a 7 out of 10 for making me constantly laugh (which isn’t hard ha-ha).

Suicide Squad

SQFinally watched Suicide Squad this weekend. I actually rather enjoyed it. The beginning was a little slow but only because they were trying to set up the characters and introduce their backgrounds a little (and it was continued throughout the movie, but little bits and pieces via flashbacks). I thought Jared Leto was fantastic as the Joker. I know he wasn’t a ‘major’ character in the film, but he still managed to leave his mark.

I can see why everyone loves Harley … tho she doesn’t really have super cool super powers (other than she is gorgeous), she manages to bring more than just her looks to the table. I don’t know if it’s her connection to the Joker or what, but she was one of my favorites in the movie. Margot Robbie plays her very well, and is a really good actress (when we see her ‘normal’ self before she becomes Harley vs Harley… she does a really good job).

My second/third favorite character was definitely Will Smith’s. I mean, Will Smith has always been one of my favorite actors so it’s no surprise he was really good in this. He just plays ‘torn’ characters very well. Like deep down he’s not really a bad guy, but he’s been forced into that situation because of his amazing skills with firing weapons (okay he could have gone into the army with said skills, but he makes a lot more money as a hired gun). Yet, he wants to be a better man so his daughter sees him that way … so he sees this as his second chance to show the world he’s not a bad guy.

I had a love/hate emotion the whole film for Viola Davis’s character the whole time. She’s the one that puts the team together, and she’s just a heartless bitch but she plays it SO well you kind of admire her for it. At the end I wanted her dead so bad, but didn’t. She just has that effect on the viewer especially as you start to see these characters are more than villains.

She puts this team together to fight other meta-humans that she knows are just a matter of time. She sells the 'we need evil to fight evil' line out there and somehow it works. I think she sets up the whole 'attack' too to release her 'squad' on the sitauation and prove to the powers that be, that they are needed to fight what is just a matter of time. An unlikely crew of people most of the world has given up on, come together and do end up saving Gotham ...

So yeah … while it was mostly story building in the beginning and a tad slow, once the action started, it kept going. It wasn’t overly over the top as much as some other films out there, which I also liked.

I give it an 8 out 10.

Also watched another movie, coming up in another post.

Beautiful Day & Sushi

Figured I would eat outside today since it's beautiful. Plus this tree at work is always gorgeous, and its nice to sit and stare at it.


Today I went with Sushi since its been a while, and I am glad I did... it was absolutely delicious. I got with the Rainbow Roll, I Love Sushi Roll and Never Try Never roll....haha. I usually only eat half and then take the other half home for my momma, so she'll enjoy the rest of this later.


Writer's Block & Chapter 1 (Of an Old Book)

For about a week now I’ve been wanting to start writing a new book. My biggest problem is coming up with an idea that I haven’t done before or that I haven’t read before (or find a creative spin on both). I have had a couple of ideas floating around but nothing strikes me as, OMG I CAN SO WRITE ABOUT THAT NEOW.

It’s frustrating.

I have this energy buzzing because I really want to start something … but feel so blocked. Usually it’s just about getting that first chapter written and then the cork pops and I can’t stop writing … and before I know it, I have twenty chapters. I just need that first chapter … but my brain is so backed up with all sorts of stuff and I can’t sludge past it.

I will post here the first chapter to a different book I wrote. Just to share a little something (and hopefully inspire me to start a new one!).

P.S. Anyone know where I can get good moodthemes? LOL :P (Random is I).


These were my favorite pair of stilettos and here I am, slogging through a water-logged cemetery after some two-bit vampire.
I want to scream, but I also want to stay alive. Finally giving in, I pull the heels off, eye the tombstone I'm leaning against, and place them on the cement ledge.

Lowering myself behind an angel a few feet away, I pull the 9mm pistol from my thigh sheath and take out the clip. I have three bullets left and have to make them count. Quickly snapping the clip back into the gun, I lean around the corner and take in a deep breath.

The stench is palpable. I am pretty sure this vamp hasn't showered in weeks, maybe even months.

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